No greater testament to commitment, fidelity, and accountability is to be found than in the prompt response of hineni: “Here I am.” The person who so answers has listened for, heard, and responded with readiness and willingness to do what is necessary to fulfill a sacred mitzvah or request.

An enthusiastic and prompt “Here I am” is what every Temple needs from its community and from its members. Simply put, our sacred mitzvah is to survive—to keep our Temple alive, and so to serve God by serving our congregation, our communities, and our world. This response is particularly relevant in smaller congregations such as Am Shalom. We hope that each of our members is ready, willing, and able to respond to Temple Am Shalom’s call for volunteers in order to meet the Temple’s needs and goals, especially when Am Shalom needs us the most. We hope that those spiritual seekers who are interested in learning more about Judaism and more about their local Temple will use volunteer work as an active path towards that end.

We ask that you consider contributing to the Temple’s health and growth by volunteering to help in whatever ways you can. Volunteering offers one of the best ways for you to be actively involved with Temple Am Shalom’s present and future. Whether you’re an active member or not (yet) a member, you can participate in fundraising activities or contribute your special skills, talents, or resources to ongoing programs and services, or to special events or holidays, among other possibilities.

Temple Am Shalom encourages everyone to become a visible member of our congregation and Jewish community, and to make his/her voice heard in the many volunteer opportunities afforded. Whether you contribute just your energy and time, or some special talent or skill, we would love to see your face among us as we move forward.

If you are interested in our volunteer needs and activities, please get in touch with us by phone (440.255.1544), mail (P.O. Box 1507, Mentor, OH 44061-1507), or email (

Thank you for being an active and committed contributor to Temple Am Shalom!