Temple Am Shalom (“People of Peace”) is committed to sustaining and building a Jewish presence in Lake and surrounding counties in Northeast Ohio.

We are committed to the principle and practice of inclusion at Am Shalom, knowing that each individual who seeks peace, justice, and tikkun olam—the healing of the world—enriches our congregation and the Jewish beliefs by which we abide, leading to deeper interfaith dialogue and loving advocacy for those who lack the peace and justice we all desire.

We are committed to promoting and nurturing meaningful and enduring relationships with God, with Torah, with one another, with the communities we live and work in, and with the people and the land of Israel.

What You’ll Find at Temple Am Shalom

Spiritual leaders who are knowledgeable and dedicated. Our co-spiritual leaders, Renee Blau and Elise Aitken, are trained, skilled, and compassionate leaders in Jewish education and worship. Both have extensive backgrounds in educational fields and teaching, and offer instruction and guidance in Hebrew and religious studies. They are committed to the Temple and to the congregation, and are available to discuss the philosophy and benefits of Judaism with the general community.

An inviting, informal place to worship and socialize. We follow Reform Judaism’s tenets and practices, and seek to make them deeply relevant to our everyday lives and in our communities. As both of our lay spiritual leaders are cantorial soloists, music is a strong component of Temple services, blending the traditional with the contemporary. Our congregation consists of interfaith families of all ages, individual members, and converted Jews. Spiritual seekers of all backgrounds are invited to visit and worship with us.

Benefits of Membership at Am Shalom

  •  The privilege of pastoral care, including the counsel and support of our spiritual leaders for lifecycle events (b’nai mitzvah, confirmation, weddings, funerals, etc.) and conversion, and in moments of difficulty and bereavement
  • Complimentary tickets for High Holy Day worship services
  • Eligibility for enrollment of your children in our preschool, Sunday (religious), and Hebrew schools and in our Youth Group.
  • Subscription to our monthly newsletter, The Kibbitzer
  • Free advertising in our online Business Directory (coming soon!)
  • An array of worship, educational, and social opportunities for members of all ages.
  • Eligibility for burial privileges in our Am Shalom section in the beautiful Western Reserve Memorial Gardens. [link to the relevant About Us section]
  • Eligibility for memorial plaques placed inside the Temple. [link to the relevant About Us section]

We work together to build an enduring congregational community and to make membership at Temple Am Shalom an enriching and meaningful part of our congregants’ lives. If you have questions about how we can help you become a member, or if you would like a membership application, please get in touch with us. Email us at tasmentor@gmail.com or leave a message at the Temple at 440.255.1544.

You can also download the current membership form here.

2019 Membership

Every congregation depends on the financial support of its members to keep the Temple doors open. This means money to pay for the building, cover the payroll, electricity and other utilities, insurance premiums, office supplies, maintenance, and programming needs. We have a collective responsibility to pay those bills and to assure our ongoing ability to provide a Jewish home and presence in our community. Membership dues are not simply fees paid for benefits in return, but are also an investment in ourselves, our children, and our future.

Dues can be paid in full, in three payments (due September, January, and May), or as monthly payments. You may pay your dues by check or you may pay by credit card online through PayPal (please keep in mind that PayPal assesses a fee of 2.2% of the transaction amount, plus 30 cents, for each transaction).

Temple Am Shalom is committed to making membership possible for all those wishing to affiliate. We do not turn away a member because of his or her inability to pay standard dues. The Temple Board reserves the right to adjust the Fair Share dues schedule for families who demonstrate hardship (e.g., illness or job loss).